Renata, the founder of the brand, tells us about Cornelio Borda:

In the 1940’s, due to unexpected reasons, my family had to leave their home in Paiján and move to Lima. For generations, they had lived on the north coast of Peru, a region known for being the center of the Mochica and Chimú civilizations; cultures that existed long before the Incas. My family would always claim that their ancestral cultural heritage gave them the strength and pride they needed to start a new life in the capital city, Lima.

Like many immigrants of that time, the dream of my four great-aunts: Rosa, Emma, Olga and Maura, and that of my grandfather Amador, was to have a house in the center of Lima. After many years of hard work, the family managed to see their dream come true. They bought a house, which was located on Cornelio Borda Street, next to the Museum of Peruvian Culture. 

My father grew up in that house on Cornelio Borda Street and several years later my sisters and I would spend countless weekends there with my great-aunts.  At the Cornelio Borda house, my great-aunt Rosa had a tailoring workshop and she dedicated her life to making beautiful garments for her clients and family. After she and Maura were gone, my other great-aunts, Emma and Olga, dedicated themselves to my sisters and me. It was at the Cornelio Borda house, while we were learning how to embroider and listening to northern sailors and Peruvian waltzes that we learned to love Peru, the pre-Columbian cultures, the popular festivities and the handmade art. 

I dedicate the name of the brand to my great-aunts, strong and independent women who loved their cultural heritage.