Cornelio Borda was in charge of the design and development of the shoes and bags for the COL*CA collection in 2019. Our work, in collaboration with the Peruvian-Danish company AYNI (alpaca and cotton garments), was inspired by Peru’s famous Colca canyon region near Arequipa. The collection’s theme pays homage to the Aymara-speaking Collaguas and the Quechua-speaking Cabanas who inhabited the valley during the pre-Inca era. The COL*CA collection features innovative threads made from strong pima cotton, pure organic cotton and the versatile, light alpaca fiber as well as sustainable materials including fish leather.


The knowledge and know-how of the embroidery styles produced by artisans in the Colca Valley have been declared part of the National Cultural Heritage in Peru. This prestigious national recognition highlights the technical skills, as well as the historical, traditional, and artistic values of the iconographic and symbolic content present in this work. The artisans’ embroideries are strongly rooted in their world view and form an important part of the empowerment process for the cultural identity of the Colca Valley population.

Cornelio Borda worked together with these local artisans to preserve the “maquinasca” technique used since ancestral times and developed slippers with them in different colors, inspired by the symbols of their huts and skirts.


Our sandals are made using sustainable Peruvian fish leather (paiche). The indigenous communities of the Andes and the Amazon use the paiche mainly as food and we use the remainders – the skin - as a type of ecological leather.

We work closely with a local fish tanning company to ensure the quality and dyeing process of the skin. The different textures and colors are obtained by Peruvian natural dyes such as turmeric (yellow), indigo and huitu (blue) and beet (rose). This kind of process and natural components will always give our products unique and unrepeatable characteristics. The sandals are delicately hand embroidered in the borders with pima cotton.


Our alpaca accessories are made from a unique experimental embroidery technique. They are not made out of fur but out of Alpaca and Pima Cotton yarns that come from the remainders of clothes production.

With the yarns, we create a sort of carpet that is handmade stitch by stich and brushed to give the carpet a softer look. These designs have been interpreted and embroidered in Peru, reinforcing our sustainability proposal through the reuse of materials.

Please contact us to find out about other colour combinations.