Renata García-Menacho created the brand Cornelio Borda while in Rome, in honor to her family. Cornelio Borda has collections Made in Italy and Made in Peru. The brand works directly with teams of Italian and Peruvian artisans to preserve ancestral techniques that are unique in the world.

Renata studied design in Hamburg, London and Rome. After completing a Master’s degree in Accessories from the Accademia di Costume e Moda in Rome in collaboration with Fendi (footwear and leather goods), she worked with different Italian companies that are dedicated to creating ideas, materials and designs for brands of the fashion conglomerates LMVH and Kering. Her love for accessories motivated her to move to the Marche region of Italy to work directly with Italian artisans who are experts in the sector.

Renata returned to Peru in 2018. Her vision is to be able to merge the great Italian knowledge of footwear and leather goods with the beautiful Peruvian craftsmanship. Her pieces aim to carry the soul of Peru around the world.

The Peruvian government has selected her to manage technical exchange missions for Peruvian shoemakers in Italy. In addition, Cornelio Borda organizes and invites Italian experts in footwear and leather goods to travel to Peru on regular basis to promote the exchange of knowledge between the two countries.

Cornelio Borda - Shoes